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Brevard Homes for Sale  

Featured Homes for Sale in Brevard, NC

Brevard, NC: A Western NC Oasis of Amenities, Luxury Homes and Darling Downtown Shops

Brevard-NCIt might not be as big as Asheville but Brevard certainly packs a lot of art, culture, outdoor adventures, music and education in its town limits!

This community, which is located in Transylvania County, boasts a population of 7000 residents, although there are plenty of tourists that arrive in the area each year as well!

So what makes this community stand out from others in the area? Perhaps it’s the fact that Brevard has done an excellent job of marketing itself as an epicenter for the arts and outdoor sports.
But that only covers part of the story of why Brevard is such a desirable place to live! Continue reading to learn more about the kind of lifestyle Brevard can promise you.

Outdoor Beauty Everywhere You Look in Brevard!

Brevard and the rest of Transylvania County have long touted themselves as the Land of Waterfalls and it’s easy to see why! This community and the surrounding area is home to 250 waterfalls, all representing a range of qualities.

For instance, while some are smaller and gentler, others are much louder and more treacherous. These larger ones tend to be those that take breathtaking plunges into mountain pools.

For instance, Glass Falls drops 60 feet, surrounded by a gorgeous group of boulders. It is actually one of the most-photographed waterfalls in the country.

Brevard-NCAnd nearby, the well-known Sliding Rock provides visitors with a natural waterslide that takes you on a fast-paced ride down to a pull of water. Here, thousands of visitors slide down its long, slick surface into a 6-feet-deep pool each year.

The Brevard area also happens to be where the headwaters of the French Broad River, one of the oldest rivers in the world, are located. The master guides at the nearby Headwaters Outfitters regularly meet with residents to help them take advantage of all of the amenities that the river has to offer.

Nowadays, this area is extremely desirable for people who love tubing, canoeing, kayaking and fly fishing.

Speaking of fishing, the nearby Davidson River is an excellent stop if you’re interested in trout-fishing. This river, which flows through the Pisgah National Forest, offers is a great location to make priceless family memories.

More Than Just a Land of Waterfalls and Rivers

Those who prefer to keep their land legs will be thrilled to discover that more than half of the land in Transylvania is publicly owned and protected, including 88,000 acres of Pisgah National Forest, the 10,000-acre DuPont State Park and the 7,600-acre Georges State Park.

This means that you and your loved ones will always have plenty of options when it comes biking, camping, climbing, hiking, horseback riding, paddling and sightseeing.

Shops, Art Crawls and Unique Restaurants All Await You In Brevard

An added bonus to living in Brevard is that this community boasts a rather vibrant and walkable epicenter of boutiques, art galleries, pubs and restaurants.

Because of this thriving downtown, the community regularly hosts events here. For instance, between April and December, the Fourth Friday Gallery Walks provides residents with a monthly celebration of local art, food, wine and music.

And if that doesn’t give you your art fill, then head over to the Scenic 276 South Fine Art & Craft Corridor - a 13-mile stretch of state road that features several galleries and studios.

Music lovers will adore the Brevard Music Center in town, which has hosted high-profile performers for more than 75 years. The greatest blessing this center has brought to the community is its signature event, known as the Brevard Music Festival.

This mega-event spans seven summer weeks and features more than 80 acts.

But that’s not the only town-organized festival that draws big crowds. Every May, this community pays tribute to its unofficial mascot during the White Squirrel Festival.

This type of squirrel enjoys high concentrations in the Brevard area. As such, a festival was organized to pay homage to the rodent. The annual event features a parade, free concerts and even a Squirrel Box Derby.

What About Public and Private Education?

This community is home to a number of top-notch public schools that are ranked nationally for high test scores. It also boasts a great location near several excellent private schools in the area.

And for post-secondary education, residents have the option of attending Brevard College, a small liberal
arts school founded in 1934 and located adjacent to downtown. It’s a great school that brings a lot to the surrounding community.

Now Is a Great Time to Invest in Brevard, NC Real Estate

This truly is a spectacular place to live. From its exhaustive list of recreational amenities to its distinctive sense of identity, Brevard is a great residential choice!

Contact me, Laura Flores, today to learn more about this community and even schedule a personal tour of this town. I’ll also be happy to tell you about available Brevard listings, which can range anywhere from $50,000 for a quaint cottage to $2.5 million.

List Your Current Brevard Home With Me!

And please, don’t hesitate to contact me as well if you’re interested in listing the Brevard home you already own. I would be happy to assist you by first determining the correct value of your Brevard home.