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Laurel Park

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Laurel Park Homes for Sale

Featured Homes for Sale in Laurel Park, NC

Laurel Park Is a Premier Residential and Vacation Area Worth Checking Out

Laurel ParkAre you the kind of Western NC home buyer who prides yourself on having high standards? Or perhaps is looking for a home that will stand out from all of your friends’ homes?

If so, then I believe that Laurel Park may be a good fit for you.

This community, which is located just west of Hendersonville, is an idyllic residential, retirement and vacation community. Some of its claims to fame include the spectacular views of the mountains and valleys below as well as its distinctive homes.

Consequently, it’s a popular place to invest in real estate.

A Rich Community History

Rising to an elevation of roughly 3,000 feet, Laurel Park was originally incorporated in 1925.

But before that, the Town of Laurel Park acted as a summer resort in the late 1800s, offering visitors access to cottages, inns, camps, and recreation areas around the lakes on the lower slopes of Echo Mountain.

Overtime, the community continued to flourish, further bolstered by new rail lines.

When the stop market crashed in the 1920s, Laurel Park began its transition from a summer resort to a town beloved for its year-round beauty, gorgeous homes and natural amenities like its pocket parks and tranquil lakes.

Today, this community of roughly 2,200 residents strives to preserve its heritage and embrace its identity in order to establish itself as a distinctive Western NC community.

Popular Places to Visit When You’re a Laurel Park Resident

Perhaps one of the most visited attractions in this community is Jump Off Rock, which is a scenic overlook at the end of Laurel Park. This location offers breath-taking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as Pisgah National Forest.

It was originally named for a 300-year-old Cherokee legend in which a young maiden heard that her lover had been killed in battle and proceeded to jump off the cliff. The legend continues that on some moonlit nights, her ghost can be seen looking for her lover on Jump-Off Rock.

Desirable Laurel Park Real Estate For Sale Now

Does this sound like the kind of Western NC community that would complement your lifestyle well? If so, then be sure to contact me, Laura Flores, today.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as tell you about available Laurel Park homes for sale. As a general rule, home prices here will range from $75,000 to $1.5 Million.

I’ll also be happy to schedule a personal tour of Laurel Park for you!

List Your Western NC Home With My Help!

And don’t forget to contact me as well if you’re interested in listing the Laurel Park home you already own. It would be my pleasure to assist you throughout the home selling process.